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Super Self-Care Toolkit

2 January 2020

New Year, New Super Troopers!

There’s a sense of excitement at the start of a new year! With the holiday season behind us, there’s no better time to reflect on 2019 and set resolutions for 2020. Though sometimes it can be a challenge to keep your resolutions going past the excitement of the new year, Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare has some great ideas to help you stay healthier, more active, and more mindful than ever before!

Super Self-Care Toolkit:

Daily Check in:

Encourage your family to take 10 minutes every day to slow down, sit down and focus on their breathing:

  • Start focusing on your face, smile to release any tension in your face
  • Then focus on your shoulders, rolling them back away from your ears
  • Then your chest, try to relax your breathing focusing on your inhale and exhale

Just taking 10 minutes to slow down every day can help to keep your Super Troopers calm and relaxed.

Take a Mindful Walk:

Being present in the moment and taking note of your surroundings is a great way to practice mindfulness. With your family, take a mindful walk outside. While walking:

  • Notice the light
  • Notice the nature in your surroundings, the different colours
  • Notice the sounds, can you hear any birds?
  • Notice the air, is it crisp and cold? Or fresh?
  • Notice how the wind feels on your face
  • As you walk, is the ground soft, hard or marshy?

Nutrition Check:

Try to ensure your family eats 5 fruits and vegetables each day. Ask your Super Troopers to pick out fruits and vegetables they would like to try.

  • Have you had a piece of fruit today?
  • What vegetables have you eaten?
  • What colour fruit and vegetables have you eaten today?

Check out the resources on our website for fun fruit and veggie recipes and ideas if you need help.

Be Thankful:

If we really think about it, most days we have something to be thankful for; kind friends, thoughtful family members and considerate teachers or colleagues.

  • Each day, remind your family to share something nice that has happened that day
  • Encourage your children to share what they liked

Taking time to be thankful each day is a great habit to cultivate from a young age!