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Share your Super Story

We would love to share stories, ideas, recipes, etc. from our
Super Trooper’s Community on our website. Your story can give
you the chance to win amazing prizes.

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Please share your Super Troopers story here and tell us how you are getting on. Also, if you are attaching any pictures or documents we would love to know more about them so let us know using the comment box.
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I give permission for my pictures or videos to be used by Super Troopers and hereby accept that you have full consent from all parties pictured. For full T&C’s please click here.

Throughout the course of the year we may contact you
about the Super Troopers programme. I give permission for these contact details to be used for any communications about the programme.

You can submit:

  • Your own tips/suggestions
  • Video links of you taking part in Super Troopers
    (i.e. vimeo and youtube etc.)
  • Feel free to attach photos *
  • Word documents *
  • PDF’s etc. *

* Use the Choose File button to upload documents