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We are delighted your family is taking part in Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare! Your child has already received a Super Troopers Health Homework Journal and Family Activity Wall Chart to get them started.

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The daily activities in the Health Homework Journal can be done alone, but we think it’s a lot more fun to do them with family and friends. This year, we have added more wellbeing challenges and yoga exercises to promote mental and physical wellbeing for the whole family.
Below, you will find additional downloadable physical and wellbeing activities, along with recipes and nutritional tips. To keep your family moving throughout the year, we add brand new activities every month, so don’t forget to check back for more information and fresh activities to guide your family on its Super Troopers journey!

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Do you want to help your child get more active and learn about leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Encourage your child’s school to register for Super Troopers today and join the 172,000 families taking part in the programme.

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We know that Super Troopers is a two-way street and we’d love to share pictures, poems, songs, stories, or links to YouTube/Vimeo videos of your Super Troopers in action! Sharing your Super Troopers Story is easy and you could be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes - just fill in the comment box below and attach the relevant file.

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Friday Tip Berries

Friday Tip


Berries are full of vitamin c and antioxidants, making them great immune system boosters. Try different berries during snack time!