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Johnny Sexton, Super Troopers with laya healthcare ambassador

Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare is a free Health Homework programme that teaches children about leading a healthy balanced lifestyle by focusing on physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition.

The programme encourages children to increase their activity levels by setting physical activity homework every night. The Health Homework Journals also contain wellbeing challenges, extra tips on looking after overall health, information on nutrition and healthy recipes helping children to be fit and healthy in mind and body.

Each school that registers receives the following free materials:

  • A Health Homework Journal for each pupil
  • A Family Activity Wall Chart for each pupil
  • A letter for each pupil’s parent/carer explaining in detail how Super Troopers works
  • A Teacher’s Guide for each teacher explaining how Super Troopers works


Super Troopers by laya healthcare | Ireland's first health homework programme

The Health Homework Journals are differentiated for different age levels and encourage progression so that children and their families feel a sense of achievement.  Once each level is completed, certificates can be downloaded here.

Super Troopers has been created by laya healthcare alongside teachers and a team of psychologists, nutrition, wellbeing and physical activity experts. All activities have been developed in line with PE and SPHE and this active homework can fulfil elements of your application for the Active School Flag.

For 2019/2020, we are thrilled to introduce three levels of journals to better suit your pupils’ needs:

  • Junior (Junior & Senior Infants)
  • Intermediate (1st – 3rd Class)
  • Senior (4th – 6th Class)

We have added brand new content, and – for the first time ever – materials available to download in Irish!


Why not register your school for Super Troopers and receive free Health Homework Journals and Family Activity Wall Charts for each of your pupils today?

Friday tip Fishy foods

Friday tip

Fishy foods

Fish are full of Omega-3, which helps keep your brain super healthy and ready for learning! Try incorporating salmon into daily meals!