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Super Troopers at Science Blast!

10 March 2020

Super Troopers was so excited to be a part of ESB Science Blast at the RDS!

ESB Science Blast is a primary school initiative that encourages children to be curious and to ask questions about any topic that interests them, work on investigations and then showcase their findings at the exhibition.

This year, for the very first time, one of our Super Trooper schools, Queen of the Universe National School, submitted a question exploring the effects of electronics and technology on our sleep patterns. They used elements of the Super Troopers programme to research their question further in order to present their findings on March 5th at the RDS! It was such an exciting day, check out what went on below!

The 4th class pupils from Queen of The Universe NA, using their Super Troopers health homework programme as a guide, chose to ask the following question:

What effect does electronic use have on our sleep?

  • To explore this question further, the pupils did the following:
  • Investigated the effects of electronic use on our sleep.
  • Learned how important sleep is for our growth, development and health.
  • Investigated why electronics have a negative effect on our sleep.
  • Explored healthy ways to spend our time to make sure we sleep well every

Their methods for tracking their research were captured through the following:

  • A sleep study experiment with the variable of time spent on electronics before
    bed see how many hours of sleep they got and the quality of their sleep.
  • Over the course of three weeks, with each week, they turned their devices off
    30 minutes earlier than the previous week to track the differences across all
  • Their practical research was supplemented by reading and researching printed
    scientific information and studies about sleep and electronics.



Upon completion of their 3-week study, their results found that, when decreasing
technology use before bed, pupils…

  • Were sleeping longer
  • Had better quality, uninterrupted sleep
  • Were in a better mood and had more energy
  • Had improved levels of concentration

What a clever bunch! It is so important that Children in particular get the recommended 10-12 hours of sleep each night for their overall health and wellbeing – (see our sleep chart here to check if you are getting the right amount of sleep). Less time on electronic screens and more time being creative or relaxing in the evenings is by far the better option and way more conducive to a better-quality
night’s sleep.

We are so proud of our Super Troopers pupils and teachers for getting involved! Check out some photos from the day below and open our sleep chart here to see if you are getting the right amount of sleep.